A Strategy for Success: Business, Brand, and Integrated Marketing Solutions

Strategy isn’t one thing – it’s everything.  We help clients in the healthcare industry create, execute, and sustain integrated business, brand, and traditional and digital marketing strategies to improve their competitive performance.  We provide best-in-class consulting services along six lines:

Brand, marketing and business building strategies

It’s simple, really.  Without a well-defined, executed, and marketed brand your business will fail to thrive.  We help clients discover, define, and develop a brand that aligns with their business objectives and consistently delivers on their value proposition.  We use proven tools and processes to research a current brand’s potential, evaluate stakeholder input, and apply useful, strategic insights to create future-ready brand and business strategies.

  • Brand, marketing and competitive research and assessments
  • Brand positioning, strategy, architecture and experience
  • Merger, acquisition, partnering brand strategy and alignment
  • Integrated and employed physician brand structures
  • Internal brand alignment
  • Strategic marketing planning and resource allocation

Service line positioning and growth strategies

If your organization is standing still you’re nothing more than a target.  We help clients get far beyond their competitors’ crosshairs by equipping them to become more closely attuned to their customer’s needs, wants, and healthcare spending priorities.  We can identify undiscovered markets, create new sales platforms for future growth, and position your clinical offerings around identified customer opportunities in a way that builds and leverages your brand.  Engage us to identify your organization’s clinical and cultural strengths, help you define new categories, design new products, and execute growth strategies across service lines.

  • Service line portfolio optimization
  • Service line, ambulatory and post acute marketing
  • Integrated physician services marketing
  • Market expansion assessments and planning
  • Services, product and marketing innovations

Digital and social media marketing strategies

Technology adoption has altered marketing as we know it.  Staying attuned and ahead of the curve is the only way to outpace your competition.  If you’re still focused on flyers and not Facebook marketing you’re the healthcare equivalent of an eight-track cassette while your competitors are mp3 marketing masters.  We can help your team quickly get up to speed understanding, navigating, and mastering the world of digital and social media.  We will enable your team to create sustainable social media and digital marketing strategies that support your business objectives.  Engage us to implement an effective listening and response program, audit your existing social and digital media work, analyze your competitors’ efforts, create social media content, optimize your existing digital platforms, design and implement social media dashboards, develop an organizational social media policy, and train staff in best practices.

  • Digital marketing planning & consultation
  • Social media strategy, start-up, coaching and support
  • Blog strategy, development, coaching and support
  • Developing, writing and editing content
  • Social media policy development and training
  • Search engine optimization/search engine marketing
  • Digital and social media outsourcing & management

Integrated, cross-channel communications strategies

In 1993 Louis Gerstner took over a financially distressed IBM and discovered that 24 product teams had 70 different agencies executing separate advertising and communications strategies.  A lack of coordination resulted in a weak brand and near corporate bankruptcy.  Is your organization suffering from IBM-itis?  Do you have a holistic plan to maximize your communications investments by align your communications efforts?  We help clients rapidly evaluate and re-align priorities, learn about new opportunities to increase revenue and customer loyalty, maximize budgets, and harness the power of an integrated traditional, social and digital marketing and communications plan.

  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Internal communications
  • Cross-channel content strategies and development
  • Merger & acquisition communications planning

Marketing operations, structures, and systems

At Corrigan Partners we know how to move your marketing department into the 21st century.  We come alongside your leadership and staff to re-examine long-held marketing “musts” and determine more effective avenues to connect with customers and create brand loyalists.  Engage us to elevate your organizational marketing thinking and develop actionable strategies that generate measurable returns.

  • Marketing organization redesign
  • Marketing audits and assessments
  • Marketing management operating and reporting structures
  • Marketing capabilities, skills and infrastructure development
  • Marketing performance improvement

Leadership development, and training

Your leaders are your organization’s most valuable asset.  Drawing from decades of experience, we help healthcare marketing executives and leaders-in-training master critical capabilities such as increasing organizational buy-in, effectively engaging staff to catalyze action, and building deeper and broader relationships with key customers and stakeholders.  Engage us to develop your organization’s pool of leadership talent to position your organization for future success.

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