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5 keys to creating effective executive reports

It seems with increased frequency I have been asked by customers to assist with the development of Executive and Board reports on their marketing and service activity. Here are 5 guidelines I use and recommend to our customers. Continue reading

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3 reasons to think about population health

ImageAs health care continues its shift from volume to a “value-based” reimbursement structure, hospitals and health systems are rethinking population health, as they are increasingly responsible for patient care beyond institutional walls.   In fact, one of the stated goals for newly created accountable care organizations (ACOs) is to “improve population health.”   And because providers will be penalized for “never events” and unnecessary hospital readmissions, effective health education programs have never been more important. Continue reading

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Facebook Fizzle – Not What You Think

The big news in the business sector of late has been the Facebook IPO, which for now has been a disappointment.   Does that mean Facebook has peaked?  Not really.  Maybe on some level, this shows the market doesn’t view social media platforms as something new and exotic; rather, the lackluster response is an indicator of how mainstream they’ve become.

Put another way the ‘Social Network’ is now just the ‘Network.’   This is not a bad thing!   As one blogger pointed out, Facebook  — and all of its cousins – are no longer disruptors.   They’re part of the mainstream conversation.

Thank goodness we don’t have to think of social media as ‘new and different’ anymore.  Now we know that ongoing two-way digital communication is essential to any modern organization that wants to engage with its various constituencies.  So don’t take your foot off the gas on your social media strategy – now, it’s synonymous with your marketing strategy.

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Show us your Best Cinematography!

Last week, nominations were announced for the Academy Awards.  Cinematography is one those “artistic” categories that many overlook, but it’s a lot like marketing.  How?  Let’s look beyond the standard technical definition of “lighting and camera choices.”  What makes a movie memorable?  Yes, a strong story and compelling performances are essential – but what about the feelings, the memories, a good movie promotes?  More often than not, this can be traced back to its cinematography – such examples include “Titanic,” or more recently, “War Horse”.  What do you see?  What do you feel?

The cinematographer is responsible for the technical aspects of creating the images, but works closely with the director to ensure artistic aesthetics are supporting the director’s vision of the film.  Starting to see how this relates to marketing?  Let’s look at how your team works . . .

  • Do your marketing efforts support the organization’s overall vision?
  • How do your campaigns support the visual identity of your brand?
  • What kind of emotional experience are you associating with your brand?

Just as the cinematographer creates a “mood” or “experience” for the director to convey to the movie audience, so too does the marketing function bring to life for consumers the brand as articulated by the hospital’s vision.  

For example, the goal of one mid-Atlantic hospital is to be “the world’s preeminent health care institution.”  As a patient there, I have seen this demonstrated first hand.  The campus is like a small city – clearly a world-wide destination. There are signs everywhere in at least 8 different languages.  Other signs reassure me I’ve made a smart decision because I’m visiting the nation’s “number one hospital” (eight years in a row, according to US News, as they helpfully note).  Additional wall hangings are prominently displayed reminding hospital staff to be deferential to patients and remain vigilant with hand-washing.   I have to tell you, it works.  I’m thinking to myself, “ I’m so clever for picking this hospital for my care.  And I feel safe while I’m here.”

So, how are you like the cinematographer for your hospital?  How do you create the “artistic aesthetics” to deliver your institution’s brand promise? 


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