Customizing your posted links on Facebook

When managing your brand’s Facebook page, you can have the occasional slow news day when you don’t have something original to post. Or it could be that the link you pull from your website doesn’t provide you with a usable thumbnail. No worries! Here are four really simple ways to add a little more polish to a shared link on Facebook. Continue reading


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An “A Ha” reminder of why we work in health care

ReflectionIn a health care world of budget crunches, intense competition, and frantic planning brought on by the ACA, it’s easy to loose track of why we chose to dedicate our professional lives to this field – myself included. The fact is most of us were drawn to health care, despite long hours and/or less pay than we could have elsewhere, because we are driven by our caring for others.

I came across a moving photography project, Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were, and am reminded spending your life caring for others is a beautiful, honorable thing. When we show up to work each day, we are participating in caring for humanity, even if in just micro-movements and improvements.

So pat yourselves on the back. You’re doing the good, important work.

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Wanted: 2013 Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame Nominees

HIHOFDo you know an individual or organization that deserves to be in the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame? Someone who has made significant contributions to the healthcare Internet field at a local, state or national level? Who has shown the ability or influence to effect change in the industry? Nominations are now being accepted for the 2013 class.

The Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame was established in 2011 to honor both individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the healthcare Internet industry, and to ensure that the history of the industry is preserved for the future generations.  Last year’s inductees included: Continue reading

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Having an umbrella when it rains

UmbrellaI recently went to a Whole Foods store, and typical of a summer day, it was bright sunshine when I entered but emerged 10 minutes later to a torrential downpour. I was so surprised and grateful to see two Whole Foods employees in the parking lot with umbrellas, there to shepherd unprepared shoppers to and from their cars. Continue reading

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