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Marketing service lines through storytelling

Once upon a time

When the marketing team is brainstorming about how to promote hospital service lines, a key component of that is to load up on patient stories.  Even though people get online to do research, what they really want after any diagnosis is to know they are not alone.   That is why the successful patient testimonial is so powerful.

Obviously, hospitals don’t want to violate HIPAA laws by disclosing information while patients are being treated.  But people can tell their own health care story anytime (in fact, they already do).  In other words, the story comes from the patient, not the hospital.  But these experiences – with permission, of course — can be highlighted on the hospital’s social media sites, and patient testimonials (formal or less so) should be a prominent feature of any hospital’s online presence. Continue reading

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Get Ready for the Self-Directed Health Consumer

So this is Susan Lilly, recently “outed” on this blog as a breast cancer patient, and now, a survivor.  My experience over the past year has given me some fresh insight into trends that we’ve been talking about here at Corrigan Partners, most notably the rise of the self-directed health care consumer.

After my diagnosis last spring (Stage 2, invasive ductal carcinoma), I pretty much created my own treatment path by assembling a disparate, but top-notch medical team.  Why does this matter to health care marketers?  Because I did this without the sway of traditional marketing messages.  In fact, I decided to go out of area for part of my treatment because I found out about a unique surgical procedure from a top hospital’s online forum for breast cancer patients. Continue reading


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