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Marketing service lines through storytelling

Once upon a time

When the marketing team is brainstorming about how to promote hospital service lines, a key component of that is to load up on patient stories.  Even though people get online to do research, what they really want after any diagnosis is to know they are not alone.   That is why the successful patient testimonial is so powerful.

Obviously, hospitals don’t want to violate HIPAA laws by disclosing information while patients are being treated.  But people can tell their own health care story anytime (in fact, they already do).  In other words, the story comes from the patient, not the hospital.  But these experiences – with permission, of course — can be highlighted on the hospital’s social media sites, and patient testimonials (formal or less so) should be a prominent feature of any hospital’s online presence. Continue reading

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How do you spend limited healthcare marketing dollars? Very carefully.

moneySomeone once asked me about the difference between ‘focusing’ and ‘prioritizing’ – focusing is knowing what to do; prioritizing is knowing what to do first.  These are decision points faced by marketers every day. Especially when planning for a new fiscal year.

Every budget planning cycle, chief marketing officers find themselves hunkered down with their marketing teams, plans and spreadsheets, magically trying to conjure up ways to achieve more with less.  All too often, they end up trying to spread scarce dollars over too many projects, which jeopardizes ROI.  In other words, when dollars are spread too thin, spending on any given initiative may not be at the level required to produce a return.

When stuck between a rock (the health system’s need for profitable growth) and a hard place (the drive to cut costs), how do marketers prioritize marketing investments and gain organizational commitment to those investment decisions? Continue reading

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Day 2 at the Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit

There are so many great topics and speakers at the 18th National Summit on Healthcare Marketing Strategies, that it’s tough to choose between the concurrent sessions.  Here are just a few of today’s line up:

  • Accountability in Marketing: Develop a Culture of Measurement, Optimization & Impact with Suzanne Sawyer, CMO for Penn Medicine, and Jeff McDonald of eVariant.
  • Three-Dimensional Marketing with James Blazer, chief strategy officer, and Barry Stein, MD and VP of Radiology, for Hartford Healthcare.
  • Uniting Multiple Physician Practice Groups Under One Bigger, Better Brand with Noreen Biehl, VP for Community Relations at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, and Sean Tracey, creative strategist with Sean Tracey Associates.
  • Improve Community Health and Grown Revenue with Pamela Maas, CMO for Gundersen Lutheran Health System, Stacy Mowery, director of brand services for Banner Health, and Joel Cessna, VP of sales for Medicom Health Interactive.
  • Social Media ROI:  Mastering the Metrics with Chris Boyer, AVP for digital strategy at Northshore/LIJ Health System.

Don’t forget to stop by the Corrigan Partners booth in the Exhibit Hall.  Enjoy your day!


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Check out these sessions at today’s Marketing Strategies Summit

The Forum for Healthcare Strategists’ 18th National Summit for Healthcare Marketing Strategies kicks off this morning at the Westin Kierland in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The agenda is packed with timely topics and great speakers.  Here are a few from today’s line up:

  • Content Marketing:  A Primer for Healthcare Marketers with Edward Bennett, director of web and communications technology for University of Maryland Medical Center, Scott Linsbarger, director of digital marketing for Cleveland Clinic, and Shel Hotz, principal of Holtz Communication & Technology (talk about start power!).
  • Internal Branding:  From Team Building to Business Building with Paul Szablowski, vice president of marketing for Dignity Health Arizona, and Rob Rosenburg, president of Springboard Brand and Creative Strategy.
  • The Critical Value of Brand in a Changing Industry with Susan Soloman, VP of marketing for St. Joseph Health System in Orange, CA, and Chris Bevelo, principal of Interval.
  • Using Technology to Enhance the Doctor/Patient Relationship:  The Marketer’s Role by today’s keynoter, Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, pediatrician and well-known physician blogger.

I have to also plug the session I’m moderating from 1:00 pm to 3:45 pm — Marketing Executives:  Transitioning from Volume to Value — with David Feinberg, VP and chief marketing officer for New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Jean Hitchcock, VP for public affairs and marketing for MedStar Health, and Christine Holt, VP for marketing and chief experience officer with Holy Redeemer Health System.  These are three top-notch marketers with great case studies.

Don’t forget to stop by our booth (#31) in the Exhibit Hall.  The opening reception is from 5:15 to 6:45 pm this evening.  See you there!


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