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Luckiest woman on the planet. Mother, grandmother, singer, and retired social marketing nerd with Corrigan Partners.

Customizing your posted links on Facebook

When managing your brand’s Facebook page, you can have the occasional slow news day when you don’t have something original to post. Or it could be that the link you pull from your website doesn’t provide you with a usable thumbnail. No worries! Here are four really simple ways to add a little more polish to a shared link on Facebook. Continue reading


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The importance of being social

As I began helping a client, a children’s hospital, manage their Facebook page, I noticed that their page was not set up such that they could interact throughout Facebook as their page. This meant that they could not visit, like or comment on other pages and therefore were undoubtedly missing out on news and valuable connections. With their blessing, I fixed the situation and began interacting with community pages on their behalf.

One day while acting as the page I came across a charity local to them whose mission it is to provide special outings to kids with disabilities. “Perfect.” I thought, and I liked the page. The next day I received a private message from them to my client’s page reading “Thank you for liking our page…” The note went on to ask if there was a wish list of items that they could use to go shopping for the children.  They showed up the following week with games and necessities.

Don’t underestimate the importance of being present and engaging with your online communities. I can’t tell you the number of times my posting schedule has been rearranged because of something I saw in my page’s Newsfeed. There are a lot of good, noteworthy things happening in your community; share the love and it will likely come back to you.Donation


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Tools and reminders for using social media during an emergency

While going through some files this past weekend, I came across an emergency communications tool that I created some time ago for a client and thought “Hey, with summer’s  sometimes volatile weather soon upon us this would be a good tool to share for my Tuesday blog post.” Like almost everyone else, I had no idea what Monday would hold. So, I share this hoping you’ll complete the form and never need to use it. 

The power and importance of social media cannot be overstated, especially in times of emergency. A well thought out emergency communication plan will be vital. A record of login information can help you save critical time in the unfortunate event that an emergency arises.

There are a couple things to keep in mind when you prepare your actual communication: Continue reading

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Facebook contests: are you following the rules?

facebook-like-iconRecently, I’ve had a number of clients ask for advice about running a contest on their brand’s Facebook page. Maybe they had extra promotional items left over from Heart Month or were just looking for a quick boost to their numbers and wanted to post something like: “The next ten people to like this post will receive…” Seems harmless enough, doesn’t it? Not if you’re Facebook. Continue reading

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