Customizing your posted links on Facebook

When managing your brand’s Facebook page, you can have the occasional slow news day when you don’t have something original to post. Or it could be that the link you pull from your website doesn’t provide you with a usable thumbnail. No worries! Here are four really simple ways to add a little more polish to a shared link on Facebook.
Post customization

    1. Delete the URL in your post before you click ‘post’ and the thumbnail will still appear.  It’s a nice way to tidy up your posts. Note: this works on personal Facebook pages, too!
    2. Write a great headline. In this example, if you click the words “Garry Kasparov” you can delete that text and write something more enticing.
    3. Include a summary that leaves them wanting more. Just like in number 2, if you click on the summary, you can edit that text. One thing I like to do is copy and paste a brief quote from the aritcle.
    4. This is my favorite and a more recent change for posting links. You can add a custom thumbnail. Imagery is such an important part of social media . The thumbnails that are pulled from your typical websites are often unsuitable. If you’re lucky, it’s a portion of the logo, but usually it’s some image that serves as a hyperlink to another section of the website. By following the “Upload Now” link beneath the thumbnail, you can select an image to use.  The dimensions given for thumbnails on Facebook are 155px x 114px, but I’ve found that for the most part, an image will be sized to fit. If the image is large, I’ll usually size it to about 2.5” wide just for ease of upload.

So there you have it: Four easy ways to post like a pro. Happy customizing!


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2 responses to “Customizing your posted links on Facebook

  1. Thanks for the great tips, Kari!

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