Marketing through the healthcare reform transition

CMO Project Design Studio – April 15 & 16, 2013
Catalyst Ranch, Chicago, Illinois

On Monday, April 15, we will join chief marketing officers from leading U.S. health systems, at Chicago’s Catalyst Ranch for a two-day deep dive into healthcare reform and the implications for healthcare marketing. Corrigan Partners launched the CMO Project last year to establish a unique forum where healthcare marketing executives work together to create, discover and adapt ideas that advance the discipline and practice of marketing in healthcare.

Marketing through the healthcare reform transition is the topic of next week’s CMO Project Design Studio.  With passage of the Patient Protection and Accountable Care Act, new payment models, insurance mandates and reporting requirements are forcing fundamental changes in operations, clinical processes, use of information technologies, physician relationships and care coordination. Competition is intensifying as providers move to create the critical mass, economies of scale and geographic coverage to improve market leverage.

Changing economics are front and center.  For marketers, this means it’s no longer business as usual.  And, with more explicit mandates for return on marketing investments, CMOs are expected to develop growth strategies that that proactively address the changing basis for competition, and bridge ‘pay for volume’ and ‘pay for value’ revenue models.

During the two-day working session, we’ll explore:

  • Pre and post reform competitive dynamics
  • Marketing strategies to bridge “volume vs. value” economics
  • The marketer’s role in ACOs, population health and patient engagement
  • Innovations in primary care delivery
  • What marketing executives need to do NOW to drive success

We’ll post more about the CMO Project Design Studio work next week, including insights and ideas from our brand excursion to Walgreens Well Experience concept store.  You can also follow the session on our Facebook page or Twitter #CMOproject.

Want to know more about the CMO Project? Give me a call @ 757.288.2480 or send an email to

Karen Corrigan

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