Guess No More: Google Can Help Your Content Development

Put away the Magic 8 ball. Google Analytics’ new “Social Plugins”report can help you learn what magic 8 ball marketingpeople visiting your site really want more of. The report, which can be found under the “Social” reporting tab on Google Analytics, tells you at a glance which articles on your site visitors are reading the most AND which social networks they’re using to share the content. Knowing where people are spending time on your site and which channels they’re using to tell others enables you to do two things:

1. Go narrow and deep. Drop the scattershot approach to content development. The Social Plugins report helps you determine (a) which few areas/topics you should focus on for content development work and (b) how to more deeply develop relevant content within those areas. For example, if site visitors are flocking to and sharing an article on orthopedic conditions, consider developing related content to build on their interest, such as:

  • a podcast or article on orthopedic surgery FAQs
  • a downloadable “Things to Consider” guide to help visitors select an orthopedic surgeon
  • a video of one of your surgeons explaining a common orthopedic procedure
  • a patient testimonial video

2. Coordinate your social media work. Back to our orthopedics example. If you learn that a greater percentage of your site users are sharing content about orthopedics with their friends and fans through Facebook make sure you’re posting orthopedics-related content on your own Facebook page. Ask questions to invite follower feedback, post links to relevant online tools, publicize your own ortho-related events. Likewise if Twitter is their favored WOM tool, regularly post questions, information, and links on orthopedics-related topics from your organizational Twitter account. In addition look for orthopedics-related groups on Facebook or regularly scheduled orthopedics-related chats on Twitter where you can extend your leadership presence.

Don’t waste time guessing where you should be investing your digital marketing resources. Think of this new Google Analytics tool as an online focus group. Learn from the data and test what’s driving your consumers’ behavior by adding more relevant content on your owned media sites. See if your efforts pay off with increased traffic and sharing across social media platforms. And a nice little bonus? You’ll be building a consistent brand message in the process. Not bad for one little tool I’d say. Not bad at all.

Have you tried the Google Analytics Social Plugins report? Did anything surprise you about how people are spending time on your site and sharing your content?


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