A 12-Word Social Media Policy for Physicians

Farris Timimi, MD and medical director for the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, advises that ‘the biggest risk in health care social media is not participating in the conversation.”  And he also understands the concerns physicians have about professionalism,patient privacy, even medical liability.  With all that, Dr. Timimi offers up a twelve word policy in rhyming cadance that can prevent most social media miscues.

  • Don’t Lie, Don’t Pry
  • Don’t Cheat, Can’t Delete
  • Don’t Steal, Don’t Reveal

A few additional rules worth remembering:

  • Don’t endorse as a matter of course.
  • Separate your circle of friends from patients you mend.
  • Don’t practice on the Internet, regardless of your good intent.
  • Always surmise that HIPAA applies.
  • Speak on your behalf, not that of staff.

Click here to read additional rules and Dr. Timimi’s full post:  A 12-Word Social Media Policy.

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