3 Reminders That Will Help Your Facebook Content

Is your organization’s Facebook presence a little lack-luster these days? These three tips can help you get back on track and engaging with your audience. Even if you’re merrily rolling along, it can be good to review these reminders every so often to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

  1. Remember why. Why did you decide to start a Facebook page in the first place? For instance, did you want to educate? If so, about what? Why would that be important? Write all this down and really think it through, down to the nitty gritty. Such an exercise can help bubble up new ideas, either about how to create and find content or maybe an additional or different purpose. You may even discover that you’ve had the content all along; it just needs to be rewrapped for this purpose. Ah. Think regifting!
  2. Remember who. Take a minute and put yourself in the shoes of your followers. Your handy dandy Facebook Insights give you a pretty good idea of who’s following your page. Do you see a large number of followers in one demographic? Maybe you need to focus your content to pique their interest…and engagement. Do you see a demographic you wish you were reaching more? Maybe you need to retool some of your content to attract their attention.
  3. Remember what. What is this whole social media thing all about anyway? It’s social, right? Interact. Look around at what’s going on. Share the love on other pages and let folks know you’re out there and engaged. Work to build a community around your Why. And when someone engages, be there with an answer, a thank you or thumbs up. Try pretending that this whole cyber thing is happening IRL (in real life), then use your same good manners.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a free kitten. Invest some time and be ready to engage with and learn from your fans.

(Sorry. Were you expecting a photo of a kitten? Here you go.)

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One response to “3 Reminders That Will Help Your Facebook Content

  1. Great reminder, Kari. Appreciate the post. And….love the kitten.

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