Heigh Ho! How Dost Thou Communicate?

by Kari Skipper Foster

I was emailing with a vendor the other day about schedules and timing and blah, blah, blah. At one point he responded to an email saying “Forsooth!” then asked if I was aware that it was ‘Talk Like Shakespeare Day’. I was not aware and don’t even know if it was indeed the Bard’s day, but what ensued was a delightful exchange of emails using words like “prithee” “missive” and “maiden”. I was laughing out loud.

So how are you communicating? I saw a good post on Ragan by Robert M. Caruso  that outlined 12 annoying social media practices. It contained some good reminders. Here’s one statement I liked: “Providing selfless value to your community instead of direct and constant marketing pitches about what you do will go a long way to building better relationships.” Relationships.

In the rush to get the mission accomplished, i.e. the tweet or post, it can be easy to forget we’re communicating with real people who have invited us into their newsfeed or twitter stream because maybe we’ll have something of value they can consider, learn or share. Take a breath. I’m not saying we should all start posting as Shakespeare, just that building relationships is not the most efficient endeavor you’ll ever pursue. It takes time, thought and perhaps a bit of searching for the right word.

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