ePatients, Physicians and Influence

by Carla J. Bryant

I hope you enjoyed the updates from Kari Foster and Sarah Cowherd last week from the Mayo Ragan Social Media conference. If you were glued to the Twitter #mayoragan hashtag like I was (I was delayed due to personal issues) then you saw the fascinating conversation that was taking place around the growing role of the ePatient and the emerging use of social media by physicians. Certainly one of the most notable quotes for me from the conference was from Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, better known as @SeattleMamaDoc, who said “…it is my obligation to be online”. Her sentiment was echoed — albeit not in those exact words — by the other physicians represented. We’re definitely seeing a transformation of social media from a marketing platform to a new paradigm for communication and business. I for one am excited for what the future holds!

On another note, check out the analysis of the Twitter stream done by Radian6, the leader in social media monitoring and analysis. Our own SarahBethRN.com (aka Sarah Cowherd) was one of the 10 most influential at the conference as measured by the number of times she was retweeted (RT). If you haven’t met SarahBethRN yet you should check out her blog and follow her on Twitter www.twitter.com/sarahbethrn. She blogs from the point of view of a millenial nurse and she’s really struck a chord within the nursing community. I highly recommend you share her blog with your nursing leadership as I’m confident they’ll find it of interest.

While Sarah showed up on the top 10 list I’m guessing Kari just missed the top 10 based on what I saw. If you’re supporting social media in your organization, or trying to keep pace with the almost daily changes coming from Mark Zuckerberg and his team, then you’ll appreciate Kari’s blog. One of her recent posts was also published in Ragan Health Care Communication News.

And one more thing — I had to throw in a little Steve Jobs reference, everyone else is….;) — I did finally make it to Rochester last week and before I left I got a tour of the Mayo Clinic. I think everyone in healthcare should put that on their bucket list. Why? I’ll save that for another day and another post!

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One response to “ePatients, Physicians and Influence

  1. Thanks for the kind Radian6 mention, Carla.
    I was glued to the #MayoRagan and #MCCSM hashtags most of the week as well. And congrats to Sarah on being one of the most retweeted usernames during the summit. 🙂


    Jason Boies
    Radian6 Community Team

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