Are You Top Story Worthy?

by Kari Skipper Foster

One of the changes that Facebook rolled out recently was the option to categorize the items that appear in your newsfeed. As before, you can choose to hide posts, but now you can also mark items as a “top story,” meaning you are requesting that posts from that friend or page be included at the top of your news feed.  Combine with that the other recalibrations of the news feed and the pressure is on for marketers to provide valuable content that followers will not only request to have top out their newsfeed, but find worthy enough to comment on and, hope against hope, share.

While it’s too early to know exactly how these changes will shake out, as a user I’m delighted that I have easier control over my newsfeed.  As a marketer I’m still delighted. I’ve always felt a great responsibility, especially in healthcare, to provide meaningful information. Sure there’s the occasional flight of fancy, the “how many spiders does the average human eat a year” trivia question. By and large, though, we in healthcare have a vast array of juicy topics from which to choose. How fortunate we are if people have chosen us to help them navigate the mystifying waters that can be healthcare.

Depending on your source, it’s 4 to 8 spiders per year, and usually while sleeping. Close your mouth.


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2 responses to “Are You Top Story Worthy?

  1. I’m not sure what to say, Kari. Great points but I love the “special link” most of all…. 🙂

  2. Glad you checked the facts, Michele!

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