Drive More Traffic from Your Facebook Site to Your Website: Tips for Healthcare Marketers

by Karen Corrigan

Are your Facebook page and branded website long-distance relatives?  Social Media Examiner offers five tips for creating more frequent visitation from your Facebook Fans to your website without undermining your Facebook presence.  As you would suspect, delivering value is key to keeping your Fans engaged.  SME’s advice?

  • Take advantage of tabs –  your Facebook page tabs can help Fans find content on your website and eliminates the need for duplication. 
  • Provide links to articles and blog posts – Facebook is a great platform for gaining greater visibility and sharing of content on your website.
  • Tease the reader – post a question, ask a riddle and provide a link back to web hosted content.
  • Run a contest on your brand site – promote the contest on Facebook, but link Fans to your website where you have greater control over the contest experience.
  • Promote special offers for your Fans – give Fans the insiders track on special offers posted on your brand site.

How do you do all this without making your Facebook page one big advertisement.   “5 Tips for Driving Facebook Fans Back to Your Website”  by Ben Pickering (CEO Strutta) provides some great examples of how brands such as Honda, Target and the New York Times do just that.

So what works for you?  How are you creating greater interactivity across your social channels and branded website?

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