Google+ for Healthcare

by Bobby Pearson

Recently there has been a lot of buzz about Google+.  I, like many of you, anxiously waited for my invitation. Now that I’m using Google+, I find myself thinking, is this just another social media site to follow? Many Google+ users probably share my sentiment at this point, but don’t lose hope. Google+ offers something different and could be a great asset to healthcare marketers.

CMI Media has analyzed Google+ for the healthcare industry. CMI Media says, “This product has the potential to significantly change the online health information landscape.” It could impact “unbranded searches, such as for a disease state rather than for a medication.” By targeting searches, and adding the Google +1 button to important websites, this becomes a branding technique, a key to marketing, and therefore leveraging search engine optimization.

There are some potential drawbacks. Google+ profiles are public.  Will users want to “+1” drug company websites? Doing so would mean sharing their web search history and potentially share details about their personal health issues. Another question is whether physicians would want to +1 a prescription drug.

The jury is still out on Google+. Have you spent any time on Google+? If so, what do you think?

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